Open Veins of the Americas: Living Rivers/Rios Vivos (Brian Holmes/Alejandro Meitin)


Open Veins of the Americas engages the question: Are we part of a metabolism much larger than our own? The bilingual website and wall installation investigates the ecosystems of the Mississippi/Great Lakes and the Paraná-Paraguay watersheds. Both these prairie/pampa regions are inhabited by a multitude of living beings, and both have been drastically altered by industrial agriculture. The double map is an “interbasin collaboration,” expressing solidarity between divergent ecological experiences in North and South America. At the core of Open Veins is the spirit of mutua crianza, a Spanish phrase translating the Aymaran concept of mutual care between humans and nonhumans. Visit the project website.


Interactive website (visit the project website)

Hand painted and vinyl wall murals

  • Brian Holmes/Alejandro Meitin, "Open Veins of the Americas: Living Rivers/Rios Vivos," (interactive website)