NAXILANDIA IN THE 17th (Sarah Lewison)


Sarah Lewison's Naxilandia in the 17th examines rural villages along the watershed of the upper Jinsha River (Yangtze) in the Yunnan Province. The villages are home to roughly 300,000 Naxi people, a group that has remained largely autonomous due to the remoteness of the region from the centers of national government. Despite their proximity to Lijiang City, a tourism-driven major urban center in the region, the rural people primarily participate in self-sustaining economies like subsistence farming. Lewison’s multiple videos capture the changing work and environments of the Naxi people in a period of transition, one instigated by a governmental push to develop rural economies and to shift rural labor away from farming.


4-channel video installation: (4x 1080p digital video, stereo audio) The installation combines wall projection and video monitors to immerse viewers in landscape-scaled images and intimate encounters at a human scale.

  • Gallery 400 Exhibition
    Naxilandia in the 17th. 4-channel video installation (at Gallery 400)