The exhibition The Earth Will Not Abide poses questions about the ecological and social viability of industrial agriculture and extractive land use. The artistic projects, spanning video, cartography, painting, and installation, comprise an investigation of and aesthetic response to the dramatic transformation of the countryside over the last three decades. Artists Ryan Griffis and Sarah Ross, Brian Holmes and Alejandro Meitin, Sarah Lewison and duskin drum, and Claire Pentecost draw connections both visceral and fantastic between regions in the US, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and China. All of these landscapes are currently being re-engineered to support a rural economy based on corporate labs, monocultures and giant machines. Focusing on the continuing shifts in land use, biological diversity, and social structure wrought by extractive agriculture, The Earth Will Not Abide takes up the tools of political ecology to visualize and critique the industrial food system, while turning hungry eyes toward more desirable futures.